Monday, January 21, 2008

World's Best Dad!

When we came back from Charlie's doctor appointment we had a surprise waiting on the front porch!

Louie & Benny were so happy to get this cookie basket from their Daddy that said "I'll be home soon!" It's made by Cookies by Design in Kenwood, and the first time I heard of them was when Charlie was born and we got two "baby boy" baskets. The boys immediately wanted one, had half, and I'm trying to talk them into waiting for the second half until later. Charlie slept through it all, hopefully recovering from the shots.

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Mom Hess said...

Sorry Charlie had to endure 3 shots. Glad he's healthy and gaining pounds and inches.(He weighes more at 6 months than Jill did at one year!)
Nice to know you found a surprise from Kevin when you came home. He must be so ready to get back to his family!

Mom Hess