Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Baby's First Christmas

Looking at the pictures I posted you'd think that it wasn't Charlie's 1st Christmas. Here are some more, showcasing the baby.

Charlie's snowsuit that lasted...oh, about three weeks. This kid is growing! He got this "Future Bengal" hat from Uncle Hog for his baptism. He get compliments on it everywhere we go!

Charlie & his birthday buddy, Ben. A rare moment where Ben is sitting still enough with his little brother to snap a picture.

A warm day in December allows Charlie to get more use out of the super-cool jean jacket Aunt Erin got for him!

Some Q.T. for Charlie with Daddy after the older brothers have gone to bed.

Start of the Christmas fun on the 22nd at Grandma & Grandpa Hess'.

Santa visits Aunt Robin's on Christmas Eve! No cries out of this guy. He's happy to sit on Santa's lap!


Amanda said...

Annie, I love all the pictures! I'm looking forward to keeping up with you and the guys this way!

Margo said...

Such sweet photos!! The holiday got away from us too quickly-- unfortunately, I am back to school already. Ught.
I hope you are well-- and I hope to see you soon!