Sunday, January 20, 2008

In need of haircuts!

I took pictures today of the boys' current state of hairs. It's long. It's getting ridiculous. Lou's looks substantially worse than Ben's, but that is only because even when short his hair tends to stand on end in nine different directions.

Haircuts are not an easy event for these kids. Lou just recently decided not to convulse while his Daddy has the clippers against his head. Ben...needs to be put into a straight-jacket. With that being said, we have another five days until Daddy's home to do anything about it and there's no way I'm attempting to do this with a stranger at a barber!

I'd love to give them close cropped hair-dos, but with it being below freezing it's not exactly fair. They just look like such little gentlemen with a fresh cut!

Will this look ever be in style?

Working on his best 'do--a mullet

Needs some hair...and doesn't like to do profile shots

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