Friday, January 4, 2008

A Few Funnies for Friday

We went to Mecklenburg Gardens in University Heights for my cousin Shannon's birthday. Louie and Benny had a fun night with Grandpa while we had a girls' night out, with Charlie. Mecklenburg's has the cutout in their biergarten and we thought it'd be funny to have Charlie play the violin. For those of you who may remember, this is the place Kevin and I had our rehearsal dinner almost five years ago!
When do kids get smart and stop doing the funny things their parents ask them, just for the sake of it being funny? I kept asking Ben to look at his nose, and you can't see it very well but he looked hilarious with his eyes crossed.

This is when he misunderstood me and in pointing to his nose he was inadvertently picking it. It helps the effect with him wearing John Belushi's "COLLEGE" shirt.

And not to leave out Lou, this is Louie the Turtle in the Children's Zoo. It's not too much of a stretch for this poky little puppy of mine.

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