Friday, January 18, 2008

Happy 1/2 Birthday, Charlie!

Oftentimes, to get Lou and Ben to take a nap with little argument, I tell them what exciting things await them when they wake up. As much fun as our casa is, there really aren't parties every night, but I try to make some of our mundane activities sound really exciting.

Last night, although far from commonplace, it was not a party as I led them to believe it was going to be. Jamie, Abbe, and Joanie were coming over and Jamie was going to make sushi rolls for our dinner. When the boys awoke from their nap they asked where the party hats were. So I obliged and went down to the basement to get the "Bob the Builder" party hats from Lou's 3rd birthday party.

Alas, we get to the point of today's post:

Today Charlie turned six months old! With the party hats still out from the night before we took Charlie's 1/2 year picture. He wasn't sure what to think of it, but seemed to be OK with wearing the hat.
We've had a great six months, with much to look forward to. Last week Charlie's two bottom teeth popped through; as you saw, he's starting to sit up more; and he's developing his own little personality (very easy-going with a touch of mischievousness).

He's not liking teething, or that his best bud, Daddy, isn't coming home until January 23rd.

All in all he's doing really well and having a good time with his two brothers.

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Mom Hess said...

Hats off to Annie,the party planner,on putting a "party" together so quickly after the boys got up from their nap. I'm glad you're innovative and keep things fun and exciting for the little boys. Love Charlie's pictures!

Mom Hess