Friday, June 6, 2008

Thursday's Tidbits

  • The boys' real boyishness came out today. While swimming Louie and Benny spent the better part of the day trying to drown a cicada. The poor thing was through 8 1/2 lives and the boys were still going strong.
  • Do you remember the episode of "Bugs Bunny" where it looks like Elmer Fudd is finally going to get the better of Bugs? He had the gun locked and loaded and...nothing happens. Bugs asks Elmer what was wrong and Elmer replies, "No bullets." But it sounded like "No buwets." Lou and Ben got a hold of some water guns and when they ran out of water they'd look at the end of the gun and say those exact same words. How awesome is it that they replace their Ls with Ws and sound just like Elmer Fudd without even trying!
  • Lou's poison ivy is getting better in some places...and worse in others. Not sure why he wasn't given some sort of medicine to deal with it, but I guess that's why I'm not the doctor. Slowly disappearing from his face, but his hands and legs--yikes!
  • We seem to have Ben's P.I. under control, and Charlie still doesn't have any sign of it, but Kevin's developing more and mine is spreading on my neck. :( If anyone has any remedies, please send them our way!

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