Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Life Aquatic

It's a rare day in the summertime that we aren't at the pool. The boys love the water and have been pretty comfortable in the "big pool" overall, except for their desire to keep their faces dry. I know that doesn't seem like much fun, but they do enjoy it and would be in there until every inch of their little bodies turned prune-y if I left them.

Ben has graduated from swim vest to water wings and he's pretty excited about that. It was no surprise that he took almost a three hour nap yesterday after jumping off the steps of the pool for an hour straight. I wouldn't classify him as completely "fearless," but he definitely is willing to try anything.

Louie start swim lessons on Monday. It's a half hour long and there are only two other boys besides himself in the class with Emily the Lifeguard. The first day Lou cried, but it's pretty similar to what he did on the first day of preschool, so I knew he'd be fine in a few minutes. They didn't do too much on the first day, but I was glad to see he was in the right class because the other two seemed about as timid as Lou about getting their heads wet. At the end of the class Emily asked the boys if they wanted to go down the water slide, a winding snake that unloads into a 3" pool of water. The other two took Emily up on her offer and sat on her lap, but Lou passed. He says he'll do it on Wednesday.

Today was better. No tears were shed and it seems like he was a little bit more relaxed and willing to be adventurous with the kick boards and jumping off the wall. It was really cute--they all held hands and while going around in a circle singing "Ring a Round the Rosie" and would substitute things like "We all put our right ear in the water!" It worked because soon the boys were dipping their heads.

Here are a couple of pictures from today:

They are playing "Red Light, Green Light"

After class is over and he's asking why I didn't bring his underwear

The other day Lou asked Grandma, "Why did you put so much water down there?" pointing to the deep end of the pool.

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