Friday, June 27, 2008

Little Grease Monkeys

Uncle Jeff came down yesterday to help Daddy put new brakes on the vehicle. Louie and Benny were going to help and learn how to do this manly task. I was getting dinner ready while all this was going on and it was hilarious to see the two little guys sitting on their haunches watching the two big guys figure out how to take off the brake pads. Lou and Ben had their own plastic tools, but eventually decided that this was too important and picked up Daddy's tools.

They were so quiet and attentive, taking in all the action of what was going on under the jacked-up truck. But Daddy and Uncle Jeff's deliberation on what to do got to be too much for them, so they decided to do something else while they figured things out. I heard a little knock at the kitchen door and Lou stood there with a fistful of tiger lilies from our yard. A nice surprise! A moment later there was another knock and Ben stood there with a couple of the lilies. This happened one more time for each of them before I had to let them know that as much as I loved the (crudely ripped off the stem) flowers, I thought we better leave some to make our yard look pretty. It became a nice centerpiece for our supper.

Unfortunately, a storm blew in and the job wasn't able to be finished, so the boys had their first lesson cut short. I did get a couple of pictures of them before they came in the house:

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