Friday, September 30, 2011

Soccer Shots

Lou, pumping the fist after a goal.

Benny in goal, Lou at halfback

Not sure what's going on here; they're too quick for my camera.

It seems like all the pictures I take at soccer games look the same, so these may be the only ones you see from this season.

This year started out rough. From practices it was easy to tell this team was young--mainly first graders, and the first time on a big field (read: lots of running). The first game was a disaster, as they all looked shell-shocked and not one goal was scored by the good guys, while the other team had quite a few balls make it into the net.

The second game and those thereafter have been much better. The boys are working together and although their passing game could use some work, it's been neat--and exciting--to watch. They haven't won every game, but they've played competitively and they are having so much fun. It's hilarious to see a goal score and the boys do chest bumps and pump their fists in the air. They deserve it. That's a lot of running around for only one goal!

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