Friday, September 30, 2011

September Birthdays

My mom was just five days into being 22 when she gave birth to me, and although we are different astrological signs we get to share a birthday month. It's been nice to celebrate her special day with lunch and the kids while everyone else is at school or at work. She then returns the favor on my birthday.

This is the first year that Grandpa wasn't a part of the festivities. I was missing him a lot this year, although I don't think he even realized last year that it was Mom's birthday. We had a sign and balloons that we brought over, but it didn't click with him. I guess that should have been a sign that the days were short.

For my mom's birthday we had turkey salad and Busken's tea cookies for dessert (her favorite) and the kids had pirate/princess cupcakes. Mom got out the dress-ups for the girls to try out and Gracie tried it on, but it was Mere and Charlie who really got into it!

Sunday was the day before my birthday and Kevin and the kids surprised me with a special cake, my favorite ice cream, balloons and a great dinner! I am very blessed to have them all.

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