Friday, September 30, 2011

More Redleg Fun

Kevin's all-out effort did not bring the Reds out on top of this...Titanic struggle. They ended up losing to the Padres, 7-3. We were wishing that Harang could have pitched that game, but he wasn't slated to go that whole series. However, the Reds recognized Aaron and his wife for all the work they did in the community while he was a member of the Reds organization. We miss him, but how awesome is it that he's had an incredible season in San Diego?!

We headed down to GABP the day after our Lake Barkley trip, trying to soak up as much baseball as possible before the school year started and the Reds' season ended.

It was a nice day, although we did get sprinkled on, and even though our beloved team had a disappointing season one good thing came out of it: Meredith can sit through a game!

I was a little worried when all three of the boys could watch a game with little difficulty since they were born, and more often than not we were leaving the girl-child with a sitter so we could enjoy the game. No more! Meredith is die-hard fan now and she proves it with her awesome rendition of "Take Me out to the Ball Game" that has "Redlegs" substituted for "Home Team."

Thatta girl!

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