Friday, September 30, 2011

A Fun Fall Weekend

The pictures are a little out of order (we went to the game on Sunday), but I didn't have the patience to rework the post. My apologies.

We have a collection of photos like this and I love them.

Our seats were in the bleachers, but this worked out just fine.

Once again this fall we went to Lake Lorelei and it was such a nice weekend for hanging out by the water. Too cool to sit outside the first night, we made up for it on Saturday by fishing, boating, and having a bonfire. Lou and Ben had a soccer game so Kevin and I left with them, but rushed back to get as much out of the lake as possible.

On Sunday was the boys first PSR class, so we had to leave right after breakfast. And later that day we went to Fan Appreciation Day down at the ballpark. After the game we celebrated Katie and Matt's engagement with dinner at my parents. An absolutely great (but busy) weekend!

We must have been having a great time at the lake--this is the only picture there that I took!

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