Monday, January 24, 2011

St. Nicholas Day

A little behind in posting this, but on the morning of December 6th the kids woke up to find their stockings stuffed and the letters they wrote for Santa gone. We're not sure what the details are, but we know that if we put our letters to Santa in our stockings St. Nick somehow gets them to Santa.

I love this morning, besides it being easy to get them out of bed...ok, I'm lying. That's the main reason I love it! But it is fun to see them run down the steps, find their stocking (they're laying on the floor, propped up on the wall, because where we hang them is not strong enough) and dump it out to see the loot. The boys each got a superhero water bottle; a pink superbounce ball; a superhero pez dispenser; some kisses and bananas and tangerines.

Meredith's pez dispenser was Tinkerbell and she wasn't sure what to make of that. Later that day, after Lou and Ben left for school, I couldn't find Charlie and Meredith. Then I heard the distinct sound of unwrapping candy. Under the dining room table the two culprits sat with chocolatey fingers and silver, red and green wrappers of the kisses around them and guilty looks on their faces. Stinkers.

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