Saturday, January 29, 2011

Back it up: Cape Cod: Day 5

Right next door to the neighborhood where we were staying was a gorgeous place called Nickerson State Park. Kevin and I took the kids on a hike there the next day. The boys are really into hiking and exploring so this was the perfect day in their minds.

We decided to go into the part of the park that doesn't have defined trails. The boys really had fun with that, pretending that they were blazing new trails, going places no one else has ever been.

Then they came across this shelter and came up with stories of the Indians who lived there, and wondered where they were at that moment.

The park had so many opportunities for some really great shots. Luckily, Kevin and the boys were all for it.

If you're wondering, Meredith is on my chest in one of those backpacks you wear on the front.

It took forever for them to understand the pose I was trying to put them in. But, like I said, they were game for pretty much whatever!

When we wrapped around back to where we had parked, we decided to stop and have a snack on the side of the road. We come prepared for practically any situation, as seen with the chairs for our rest time.

Kevin took a lot of great shots of the nature in the park, including this butterfly. This was seen when we went to a different part of the part that had a paved path. Not as exciting as what we had just experienced, but still nice.

Later that evening we went to a baseball game. The Cape Cod league is what my dad played in during the summer when he was in college. The boys were in heaven.

The fans all come out to watch the guys play, maybe witnessing a player who will make it to the big leagues. Sean Casey, Jeff Bagwell, Nomar Garciapara, Craig Biggio, and Barry Zito are all guys who played in this league and made it.

Afterward, we came back and had an awesome seafood dinner and topped off the night with some sparklers!

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