Monday, January 24, 2011

How could I have skipped this?!

What a great idea the Reds had to do their fest in December. It's just what a baseball fan needs this time of year! Every time we've gone it's been a lot of fun, but this year was even better because of all the excitement surrounding the Reds' clinching their division!

When we first got down there we met up with our friends who are as big of fans as we are, Owen, Eli, Amanda and Brian. We made it just in time to see the former and current players introduced, which is always the highlight for me.

Later, we met up with the boys' friends from school, Jack, Ben, Luke, Jill and Joe. It's fun to have friends that share your passion!

Please check out Amanda's blog to see some professional-grade pictures of this night, but below are some that we took.

There were a bunch of things for the kids to do, including this station where the kids could run the bases. They had UC baseball players working each station, and this guy timed the boys.

Along with all the hoopla surrounding the Reds' awesome season came the droves of fans who hadn't come in years past. It was packed. I'm hoping that next year they'll move the autograph lines upstairs to different rooms in the convention center. It was difficult to navigate, and could be scary at times when every third kid looked like mine, with a Reds hat and a Reds T-shirt. We didn't stay as long as we had in years past.

But before we left, Louie and Benny got in line with Jack and Ben to take turns hitting at the miniature Crosley Field. They waited a long time, but these kids they didn't complain.

Benny taking some swings

Louie, swinging for the fences

Yes, Meredith was there, too. Although she didn't have full Reds gear like her brothers. In fact, the only red piece of clothing she had was from the size before she was in at that time. Of course, I still made her wear it!

If you get a chance, please check out Amanda's blog because she got some great shots of that night, and you'll be impressed with her photography.

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