Thursday, January 27, 2011

The House Where Illness Overstayed Its Welcome

Since the first week of December we have been dealing with all variations of illness. It has infected some of us more than others, but each and every one of us has had our battle with it. Today, it revisited Louie.

I was at the grocery, making the most of the two and a half hours Charlie is at preschool to stock up on the necessities. I got a couple of phone calls while I was shopping and I don't normally answer the phone while at the grocery because I'm terrible at doing those two things at once.

The first call was from a friend (I'd call her back later); the second was from an unfamiliar number (possibly wrong, not going to answer); and the third was from Kevin's work. Uh-oh. Apparently Louie's school was trying to get a hold of me because he threw up in his classroom. I had a cart full of items that needed to be refrigerated or frozen, and I had to go pick up Charlie and the little girl we drive, so Kevin graciously went to pick up Louie while I finished the errands.

I was hoping that the incident was set off by a coughing episode or something a little less serious, but he has thrown up twice since he's been home. Fortunately, none of it fell on carpet. Poor guy. I don't remember him looking so ill and uncomfortable. I know that this will pass, but I wish I had the power to draw all the sickness out of his body. I hate seeing him not feeling well.

As a side note, I plan on plugging that number into my phone so I'll be more aware of "emergencies" in the future!

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