Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mystery Poop Box

I entered a new realm of parenting mis-adventures when Ben started getting the hang of potty training. At this same time Charlie was getting 5 teeth in and also began crawling (i.e. getting into everything his eye could see). And then I decided to trade in the oldest boy for a yellow lab. Or my oldest boy started acting like a puppy.

Getting Louie to have a BM on the potty has not been easy, but now that Ben is getting all the attention he's taking dumps in his underpants. He's almost four, so this is not an easy thing to stomach. And it doesn't bother him all that much. It seems as though I'm the only one affected by this.

My mom tells her friends at Pilates class about it and the one who also has boys had a fool-proof plan: make a Mystery Poop Box. Buy dollar toys, let them see when they go in, but then they can't see anything inside again until they poop. This is not working. Whatever is lower than "fool" I am it. I got some really good stuff, too. The Deals dollar store in Dillonvale has an incredible variety of $1 toys. There's Diego stickers, a rubber baseball, toy horses, a set of bases/home plate/pitcher's mound, and other little trinkets. I also splurged and got $5 Thomas and Percy trains from Toys 'R Us thinking that would be what make this problem end.

No such luck. I'm thinking maybe she called it the "Magic Poop Box" and that is what made them go. Any advice? Feel free to try out this idea. I've found that things that have absolutely no effect in my household works perfectly for others.

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