Monday, February 11, 2008

Losing our minds

Kevin is supposed to come home today and boy, are we in need of another dynamic to this household. I think we're losing our minds being with just the four of us. Or maybe I'm losing my mind and the boys are feeding off of it.

Charlie woke up for good at 5:30am after repeated attempts to get him back asleep. Louie & Benny came down and the craziness started. Lou was upset that Ben dumped all the crayons out of the crayon bucket, but he tells me this while he is wearing the bucket on his head. When I point this out, he acts as though this is startling information.

With the crayon bucket is the Reds headband that Uncle Billy gave him for his first birthday. He'll be four next month.

After instigating trouble, Ben sits on the couch refusing to acknowledge me yet he is peering at me from the corner of his eye.

Charlie, the three-tooth-snot-nosed baby who is entertained by his wacko brothers.

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