Monday, February 18, 2008

Fun Weekend!

Friday night we started a new tradition. My family pretty much spent every waking moment with a family that lived two doors down as we were growing up. As time passed and we became adults we saw each other less and less.

Well, it took a Roger Bacon stag and a few beers for Jeff and Billy to decide that we need to start making a point of getting together more often (Whaa?), and so the Monthly Traveling Party began at Jeff & Damara's house. It was great that we all got to hang out and the boys played in Lexi's new playroom...sort of. (I'll take pictures next month.)

Saturday was more of a day for Mommy and Daddy. The boys spent the night at Grandma & Grandpa while we celebrated Stephanie's 30th.

Annie, Steph, Carrie & Missy

And on Sunday we had our annual field trip to Jungle Jim's! Kevin made his specialty--calimari. Here are the photos from back at Mom & Dad's where everyone cooked up their purchases.

Lou & Ben helping Uncle Hog. They love cooking.

One of the more interesting dishes--squid salad.

Aunt Joanie & the boys.

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