Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Little things

- this past weekend Benny was gone overnight camping and Louie said that our house seemed empty without him here. 
- Louie has been at Camp Kern since Monday and Benny said that it's not fun when Lou's not here and our house doesn't feel "right". 
- it's really nice to hear them say these things when I was feeling like they were fighting more than getting along lately. I tend to forget that neither of them remember a time without the other, so naturally  they're going to feel a void when one is gone. Melts a mother's heart. 
- when I go to a meeting or have an evening function Mere gets pretty upset and makes sure Kevin has me go up to give her a kiss when I get back. Last night she told him that I need to give her a tight hug and a tight kiss so that she feels it. I complied and what did she say this morning? Mom, why didn't you come up and give me a tight hug last night?!

We leave tomorrow and are debating whether to pick up the boys from school after lunch or at dismissal. We're leaning toward after lunch because the trip to Charleston is longer than we anticipated but who knows if we'll be ready by then. As of right now, we are most definitely not. 

With the wifi at Disney my goal is to use my iPad to update each evening. I'm not sure anyone will be checking in with us, but I do want to remember all the little details of our days and I'm afraid if I don't  type them up every night when we get back it'll all be a blur! Be aware, those of you out there who like pleasing layouts: this blogger app has gotten terrible reviews is not very user friendly so the posts that include pictures may be pretty cluttered. Now, it's time to start packing! :)

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Joanie__Conkle said...

Looking forward to hearing all about the trip. Safe travels!