Saturday, September 21, 2013

Day 1: Charleston, South Carolina

I feel so fortunate to be able to stay withUncle Paul and Aunt Cassie before going to Orlando. It gives us some much needed rest and relaxation before the frenzy of Disney World. 

We arrived in Mt. Pleasant close to 11pm Thursday night. This was the state of the back seat by then! We got the kids in bed and sat up with Uncle Paul and Aunt Cassie for a bit, but we were dead tired and hit the hay not long after. 

Over the night Louie must have gotten sick (twice) and Aunt Cassie was was his kindly nursemaid while Kevin and I slept! I felt terrible for them both. When I woke up on Friday and I could tell that Louie was out of sorts and decided that if disney was going to be fun for him,he was going to have to spend the day resting. 

Unfortunately, that meant missing out on the boating trip around the harbor.  But Benny, Charlie, Meredith, and Kevin had a blast as Uncle Paul showed the sights such as Ft. Sumpter, Rainbow Row, and even some dolphins!

Louie and I spent the day the way a sick kid should: watching unlimited Looney Tunes and some baseball, once the Cubs-Braves game started. 

When the boaters returned we had lunch (all but Lou) and they all headed to the pool. But not much longer and Louie was feeling better and took a shower and we played a board game that was missing the dice but Lou was able to make up new directions. 

(This is a scene from lunch to show how the master bedroom opens up to a screened in porch. The weather has been incredible--low 80s with zero humidity! Benny and Mere wanted in on some Looney Tunes action.)

Before they returned from the pool Lou and I were using Uncle Paul's binoculars to study the birds in the bay behind their home. The tide goes in and out through the day and so it makes for some interesting activity in the water. At this point the tide was out so you could see mounds of clams and herons and seagulls using the shallow water to their advantage for catching fish!

Before dinner we walked down to the water before dinner to enjoy the sunset and the breeze. I swear, there may not be a more relaxing place to be this time of year than South Carolina!

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