Saturday, September 21, 2013

Day 2 : Charleston, South Carolina

Lou got sick overnight again! He has a bite on his side that may be a spider bite that he came home from camp with, and we're wondering if it's contributing to his sickness. He has no fever, it takes a while for him to get going in the morning (he joined us at the beach around 1pm), but overall seems fine. Oh, and Aunt Cassie painted Mere's nails "Minnie Mouse Red."

I'll probably comment on the weather more times than you care to hear, but I couldn't get over how we lucked out: mid-80s temperatures with steady breeze and blue skies. Perfect for heading to Sullivan's Island! Some neighbors lent us sand toys (and even a princess beach chair!) and we all spent a good portion of the day building castles. 

Billy dug a hole and buried Charlie, then Charlie had to use all his muscles to climb out. He succeeded!  Luckily Benny and Charlie had Uncle Paul and Billy to take them out to ride the waves. As much as I love being at the beach and building sand castles, getting flipped by a wave and getting a suit filled with sand is not something I enjoy. This beach is great in that it's shallow for so far out that the kids are relatively safe while wrestling the waves. 

I was so glad Louie was feeling up to coming out to the beach. The salty air was good for him and of course I was glad that we were all together. He seems to have gotten over whatever was idling him and now we'll be all ready to enjoy our week in Orlando!

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