Friday, July 22, 2011

Clifton Gorge and Young's Jersey Dairy

Friends invited us to go on a day trip to the Yellow Springs area of Ohio. It was about a little over an hour away and we started the day at Clifton Gorge, which was a short walk from the Clifton Mill.

There were definitely some spots on the trail that were less safe than others. I always liked exploring on my own as a kid and try to allow my kids to do the same, but today was not one of those days!

Charlie has yet to grow his big boy legs, even though the day we went was he and Benny's birthday. On this day he was officially 4-years-old.

It is a gorgeous area of Ohio, one I would imagine that many people who have never been here (and maybe some who don't travel around the state much) would be surprised to see. There are regions of our state that aren't corn fields. There are caves and hills and many beautiful landscapes. I love living here.

This was our stopping point. We had walked about an hour to this bridge one had any idea how long it would take if we continued on the path. A local we ran into on the trail offered to take our group in the back of his pickup to the beginning of the trail, but we just decided to turn around and go back the way we came.

This did not make the group of boys + one girl happy. There were lots o' complaining and I ended up carrying Charlie a good portion of the way. But...there was light at the end of the tunnel.

We went to Young's Jersey Dairy and everyone picked out their own ice cream. Louie got cookies 'n cream (he's just like his dad; he finds a favorite and doesn't branch out from there); Charlie got bubble gum; and Benny got chocolate. I got "Cow Pie" and I recommend it highly. It has all different types of chocolate in it, as well as pieces of toffee. Regardless, from the looks on the kids' and moms' faces, you cannot go wrong with any choice you make. Especially after a long, hot walk!

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