Saturday, July 16, 2011

Birthday Celebrated, Star Wars-Style

When my kids are in kindergarten they get to have a friend birthday party. Benny has turned six this July and we invited his buddies for a themed celebration of his choice. Currently, my three boys are obsessed with Star Wars, so that is what I set out to create. I need to point out that I know very little of the series of films, tv shows, etc. Fortunately, a friend let me borrow this book that was essentially a college course for me on anything and everything Star Wars!

I struggled for a while on what to do with a possible group of sixteen 4- to 7-year-olds. Some of these kids know what they were talking about when it came to this topic and I feared being called out by them. Silly, I know.

From reading the Ultimate book, I took three major battles and came up with games for each. I should rephrase that, I borrowed a lot of ideas from multiple websites to come up with something that would work with our group and our house.

The set up of the party went something like this:
  • Boys arrived and were given a Padawan poncho and belt that I just cut out of some neutral-colored fabric I bought on clearance.
  • When all had arrived Adi Gallia (myself) sat the young group of Padawans down and gave them an overview of the day, including the Rules of the Jedi Temple. (Even though the lightsabers I was about to give out were just pool noodles, I feared sending home a crying kid. No worries, all the kids had a good time.)
  • Then we went into the activities portion of the party:
After the opening speech they were given their lightsabers. All blue (I tried to keep everything the same, focus on the fact that they were Padawans at a Jedi Training Academy. They all took well to this.) Before the Link"Battles" they had to do the Arturu Lightsaber Training--keep balloons afloat for 30 seconds. This was fun.

First, we had the "Battle of Naboo." They had to go through an obstacle course to save a slave from the camp. The "slave" was a blow up ball that they could take home for a prize. (I'll post more pictures from the games later.)

Next was the "Battle of Geonosis." This essentially is the Clone Wars that all the kids are familiar with. I filled up clear 2-liter bottles with water and blue food coloring and then had some green 2-liters filled with water. On the front of the bottles I taped pictures of the bad clones--Bobo Fett and Jengo Fett--and set up a game of bowling that I called "Blaster Ball." I told them that there was a new weapon called a "blaster ball" and they had two tries to take down as many clones as possible. This was the favorite game of the day.

The last activity was the "Battle of Yavin." This is when the Rebel Alliance finds a fault in the Death Star and destroys the ship, even though Darth Vader escapes. Many parties have used this scenario to bring in a pinata and we did the same. I made the Death Star using the paper mache technique, along with spray paint, a white paint pen and electrical tape.

Afterward, the kids got drinks and plates of food from the snack table while I announced the names of the new Jedis and Benny out certificates to his friends. We took a picture of Benny shaking hands with each guest.

My sister and brother-in-law's dog, Zissou, who was Chewbacca for the day. Everyone loved this, especially his belt!

Afterward we opened gifts, and when each friend came up to hand Benny's his gift he had to say what his favorite Star Wars character was--Yoda was by far the favorite. This, again, was an idea borrowed from one of the many party idea sites out there!

I just made cupcakes and put Darth Vader and Yoda erasers on top of each one. That was much easier for me than doing one of the many cool but time consuming cake ideas out there!

Thank you to Benny's godmother and aunt, Joanie, for taking all the pictures. She took a ton so I'll put up some more in a different post. Thanks also to Uncle Josh who provided the soundtrack for the day--Darth Vader's theme song and random sword fighting sounds, as well as Chewy shoutouts. The kids loved it all!

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