Tuesday, May 17, 2011

On a roll

We had tickets for last night's Reds game out in centerfield, just three rows from Drew Stubbs...and completely surrounded by Cubs fans. The boys definitely got an education about how not to be a fan, but we brought enough good-spirited Reds fanaticism to make up for them.

We dressed like it was November but with all the jumping up and down, clapping and hootin' and hollerin' we didn't get cold. It did help that Charlie would rather sit on my lap than in his seat!

Meredith hung out with Grandma and Grandpa because between the cold, the late night, and her love of running around, it probably wasn't going to be the best night for her. She was missed, but we're hoping that soon she'll be a regular participant in these mid-week trips to the ballpark. Charlie says she'll have to be three.

The sixth inning was the most exciting of the night, with the Reds scoring seven times and one of the boys' favorites--Jonny Gomes--dumped his hitting slump by hitting a two-run homer over the centerfield wall. So much excitement for one night! The boys did so well until the walk back to the parking garage. Lou and Ben did it without much complaining, but Charlie has yet to grow his big-boy legs and had to be carried most of the way.

The Reds take on the Cubs once more tonight, but our family won't be at GABP, just listening on the radio with hopes of another win over the Cubbies!

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