Monday, May 16, 2011

Good Start

After breakfast the boys rush to brush their teeth and then, it begins. In the ten minutes or so before Lou and Ben's ride comes the three of them play a high-intensity game of baseball in the small space between the front door of the house and the dining room table.

They've created rules for this version of baseball. Sometimes they all agree on these, sometimes they don't (but really, isn't this what they see on the big league fields when players, managers and umpires come together to bump chests?).

But right now they are getting along. I'm typing, listening to the play by play that they call out, imitating the broadcasters they hear. Little Charlie is still in his jammies--pirate-looking striped pants with a "Great American" T-shirt--and the boys have their clothes, shoes and jackets on (yes, it has dipped back below acceptable temperatures for May).

Their ride has driven past our house to drop off a little sister to grandma's, pick up another boy, and they know they only have a few minutes to play baseball before it's off to school.

I love mornings like this.

Oh, and the Reds just swept the Cardinals. It's a good start to the week :)

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