Thursday, November 5, 2009

No big thing

I think Meredith just officially rolled over...and no one even noticed. I put her on her back so we could pick up all the puzzle pieces and then, she was on her back! I'm pretty sure she has rolled over before, but because Kevin and I weren't breathing down her back with a camcorder in hand, we'll never know for sure. I promised myself that I wasn't going to have my children think I loved the first any more than the others because I documented his life better. How naive I was. It's not about the want, it's about the time and, of course, the ability of focus on five things at once.

She's doing so much! She talks about as much as Charlie does, without all the "static." She grabs and holds and SLOBBERS so teeth can't be far away. She smiles so brightly with those cute cheeks. She's changing each day, and one of the newest changes has been the extremely high pitch squeal that she's adopted. I call her Squeakers now.

We celebrated Meredith's baptism back on October 18th. Here are a few pictures to prove it (sorry, it's been so long since I've done stuff on the site that I forgot that when you're uploading pictures you have to do it reverse order. Here they are):

Meredith's delicious cake from BonBonerie (thank you, Aunt Erin!)

Four Generations

The whole family

The Godfathers, Uncle Jeff & Uncle Joe

Fr. Pat, baptizing Meredith

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