Monday, June 6, 2011

Pictures from the last day of school

There's times that I go to pick up the boys from school and it is a downpour. That would not have been fun on the last day of school, and we've been lucky that both last year and this year it has been a gorgeous day.

We got there early and Charlie and Meredith ran around the school yard with some of the other little siblings.

The preschoolers and kindergartners get out first, so this is Benny (and Charlie) with some other kindergarteners. I couldn't get over how nice they all stood together--and this is with no instruction.

Apparently something happens between kindergarten and first grade because this is about the best shot I got of Louie and his friends. Although, two of the goofiest are Ben and Char. Louie's wonderful teacher was kind enough to step in for the picture. I kept thinking that must be relieved to have a break from these goobers, but I swear that when I went to say goodbye she had a tear in her eye. I think she grew very attached to our little monsters, and they in turn were very good for her.

This is afterward at the water party. It cracks me up that they are choosing to stick their heinies and faces in the spray of the water. Is that a boy thing? (Look at Benny's face.) And Charlie also chose to wear black sweat pants. It was part of his "baseball" outfit, that also included knee-high gray socks and a plain green T-shirt. He said he was on the Green Sox team.

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