Friday, June 3, 2011

The Most Wondeful Time of the Year

For many of you who know me, you may think this is contradictory, but I absolutely love the relaxed pace of the summertime. Yes, I schedule things entirely too far in advance and I can be wicked-good at planning out each minute of the day. But when it comes down to it, I like the kids (and me and Kevin!) being able to wake up when we're ready; go to bed when we feel like it; play whatever game interests us at the moment; go to the park when it's warranted; or go swimming whether it's 10am or 6pm. I just love summer.

Yesterday the boys got out at 12:30pm and we went to a friend's for a "water party" consisting of water guns, a sprinkler, water balloons, and a game of "chase the deer in the park behind the house." It was a perfect way to end the year!

Last night, Kevin and I were getting the house and yard ready for a busy weekend of cookouts and celebrating Meredith's birthday and the kids played baseball into the twilight, with one of my favorite backyard accessories lighting up the night for them (my globe string lights--thank you Joe and Erin!).

They went to bed two hours later than usual and I wish they would have slept in a little more, but as I type this, one by one they are waking up and heading downstairs to watch Spiderman, from the sounds of it. It'll take about a week, I'm sure, but soon they'll be taking advantage of sleeping in, if for no other reason than that the activities of summer wears a body out!

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Amanda said...

Congratulations on the last day of school! Woo hoo!