Monday, February 7, 2011

Winter Art


Louie (this is based on the hot chocolate mug he made for himself and his siblings)

Benny, from church school

Charlie, learning big, bigger, biggest

Charlie's painted train

Benny's robot vs. alien

Benny's diamond (or a rhombus, he says) and trapezoid snake

Charlie's shape train

Benny's cat picture and sentence

Benny's cowboy boot

Louie's "The Redest Boot in Texas"

"Ice Painting" by Charlie

Benny's Gingerbread man (with a mohawk)

Benny's boy walking to his neighbor's, scared by neighbor's dog

Benny's "I Love" signs

Charlie's penguin

Charlie's "M" (he was so proud when he got home--he knew it was for "Mommy" and "Meredith")

Louie is so excited for Benny's birthday party--Star Wars themed

Charlie's polar bear puppet

Charlie's "stained glass heart"

I'm hoping to get better about positioning the pictures!


Gina's Coffee Shop said...

Tell Louie he makes awesome hot chocolate ;)

Annie said...

Thanks! I will :)