Monday, February 7, 2011

One Hundred Days

On Friday, the boys celebrated their 100th day of school. In kindergarten they read a story called Mrs. Bindergarten's 100th Day of Kindergarten. Kind of amazing that a person with a name like that grows up to be a kindergarten teacher. Kind of like a farmer with the last name Farmer. Or maybe it would be Barmer? Benny's class made special hats for the day, and made a fruit loop necklace with a rainbow of loops that added up to one hundred.

Louie's class made the hat and necklace as well, but added in more fun of math by counting to 100 by 10s--100 marshmallows; 100 chocolate chips; 100 cheerios; 100 raisin; and so on, to make "100-Day Trail Mix." The first grade teacher also had the kids make a picture of themselves of when they will be 100-years-old.

Benny made a book for the special occasion. Here, he drew and wrote that he wished he had 100 dollars. Then, he drew and wrote that he can do 100 jumping jacks. He also said that if he had $100 that he would buy and airplane. Very insightful into Benny's head.

Not sure why all of Louie's drawings end up sideways, but here is a picture that Lou drew of himself when he'll be 100-years-old. Apparently glasses and tanning beds are in his future!

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