Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Trip to the Hall of Fame

We wanted to make the most out of Daddy's time off of work and planned a full schedule. One of our favorite things on the list was visiting the Reds Hall of Fame and Museum. The museum has so much interactive exhibits, so it's just perfect for our family of little kids. Even though the boys know many of the Reds players, past and present, they'd rather do the fun stuff like the speed pitch, going in the "dugout" and watching bloopers in a mock "rec room," personally my favorite part.

Here the boys learned how to announce a Reds game like Marty and Joe. Fortunately, we were the first ones in that morning so they didn't hurt the ears of the fans outside "the booth." They got pretty excited!

I told Meredith to go run in excitedly with the players, but she's a hugger and grabbed this statue's leg.

The year of celebrating the 1990 World Series team is coming to a close. Kevin and I were excited to show the kids all the memorabilia from the wire to wire season; point out our favorite players; and we even got to watch the movie in the theater in a "private viewing!"

Thanks Aunt Joanie!!

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