Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Night Before Christmas

My dad is one of six kids and on Christmas Eve the siblings take turns hosting the gathering. A big part of the evening is taking pictures. It's almost impossible to get everyone looking the same direction, as there are about 19 cameras flashing at you. This is the best one of our immediate family, taken by Uncle Hog.

There are many combinations of pictures taken and a lot of chaos ensues around the photo shoot. Below is a shot of what happened as we were waiting for Billy and Lisa to show up. You can see who the "good" ones are, ready for any photographer who wants their picture.

And here is our current family. Changes from 2009: Baby Maggie has made her debut and Billy has asked Lisa to be an aunt for our kids. Something like that.

This is my favorite picture from the holidays. The epitome of what it was like for many kids at Christmastime. Poor Mere. Yes, poor Mere, but I just laughed. Too funny. We have pictures and videos of my siblings and cousins doing the same thing.

Kevin holding his two best girls: his goddaughter, Gracie, and his little princess, Meredith.

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