Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 2: Fun Celebrations

The morning after the wedding we were invited to a brunch where the wedding party, the family, some out of town guests and, of course, the newlyweds were attending. It was a lovely morning at Aunt Cassie and Uncle Paul's house they were renting.

Afterward, we headed to the bay, which was only a few minutes drive from where we were staying. At the bay there are numerous "pools" that are good for boogie board gliding...or whatever you call it. Not that any of us did that, but we saw some kids having a great time doing so.

We wanted to make sure everyone that was at the bay that day knew we were tourists. We walked the trek to be fairly close to the water, even though the majority of the people were close to the dunes. And then proceeded to move all our stuff three times. You live and you learn, I suppose.

The kids had a blast making sand castles. They really got into it. Here is Charlie wearing a candy necklace from the wedding's candy bar. I couldn't convince him that it was a good idea to take if off, so it just made his neck sticky while dissolving. Yuck.

The water was so shallow so far out, that people who went walking out there looked like they were related to Jesus. With it being so shallow it made the temperature fairly warm, which isn't what we were expecting for East coast waters.

We found out the following day that area of the country has been experiencing a dry spell and that's what accounted for the massive amount of flies. Flies from our neck of the woods wouldn't have been too bad. Massachusetts flies are a different story. They bite! Hard! They draw blood! Luckily, it wasn't bad until the end of the afternoon. We ended up leaving a bit before the others because Ben was bit three times and he flipped out. It's understandable, though, especially after getting bit myself.

After a nice nap, we all went back to Aunt Cassie and Uncle Paul's for dinner, celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. A delicious dinner with friends and family, we are so blessed to have been a part of their celebration, a part of their lives. They are such a great couple and we love them very much!

Congratulations Aunt Cassie and Uncle Paul!

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