Thursday, January 7, 2010

Kids are amazing

Got the call early this morning: Louie had a two-hour delay; Benny's was canceled. An hour and a half later Louie was called off.

Very happy boys--breakfast included "hot" chocolate with TWO marshmallows!

Poor Mere, no going out in the snow for her. She does get to look cute in her snowkid T-shirt, though!

I can't get over the fact that the boys are still outside. It's been about...25 minutes that they've been out there. I thought for sure that it'd be 10 minutes, 15 minutes, tops. How can they be all right with putting their bodies through that? The cold, the wind, the wetness. I know that I loved it as a kid, but can't remember when I stopped loving it.

It's an official snow day from school for both Lou and Ben and they have been begging me since they got up this morning to go outside to play. Finally, I made a list of things that they would need in order to be dressed warm enough to tackle the snowy weather. I was taking care of Meredith and getting some stuff done around the house and if they wanted to go out, they could help get ready.

They must have really wanted to because before I could blink they had their extra socks and pants on, they had their hat, gloves, coat, and more than ready to go. Hmm. Funny they can't do that when we're getting ready to go to school!

Right now, I see them outside and know how blessed we are to have them, and them to have each other. They have their playmates here and although arguments take place, overall they have so much fun together.

The backyard's winter wonderland out back has since disappeared. Their tracks are over almost every inch of the grass, displaying the muddy mess underneath. There are sand buckets, shovels, plastic lawn mowers and a wheelbarrow strewed around the yard.

Their cheeks are apple-red and I have a feeling that they'll be in here soon. Oops! I hear a little fist pounding against the door. Charlie is done!

Lunch time:

Happy Snow Day to You!

(My apologies--I really didn't need to post so many pictures of essentially the same thing! I'm trying to ignore the chaos that is going on around me now that they're through with the snow. And I'm not sure why the last few lines are so large. You'd think by now I'd know what I'm doing!)

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Amanda said...

I loved the pictures! No apologies! In my opinion, you can never have too many of those cute bundled pictures. I love how Charlie's face is squished with his jacket! We miss you guys! Once we're no longer infected, we'll get together!