Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Celebrate these days

I'm a big fan of parties. I love to plan them. I love to go to them. I love talking about how fun they were, afterward. Uncle Paul's 60th was no exception. Aunt Cassie did a wonderful job of planning out every last detail and all her hard work showed.

But I'm also a fan of celebrating non-milestone events. And they don't even have to be events, necessarily.

Like today: it sunny out, so I have the urge to get a group of friends together to bask in this, which lately has been a stranger to our area.

I think it's good to have the camera out to take pictures of all parts of life, not just the "first day of school," "Christmas" or "first baseball game" type of events.

Just like it's good to write notes to people to let them know how much we appreciate them (Silent gratitude isn't very much use to anyone--Gertrude Stein), I also think it's good to be aware of all the little things in between the big events.

And be thankful for them.

We have so much to learn from those around us; and likewise we never know what role people will play in our lives.

And as much as this post is beginning to sound preachy, it really is a reminder for myself.

To be thankful for all the special things we get to do and be a part of, and be grateful for what brings us all together.

~ The cousins with Grandpa ~

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Amanda said...

I know I've been commenting on like every post of yours. Sorry for seeming like a stalker. I thought this was far from preachy. It was poignant. Thanks. And, I'll celebrate a sunny day with you ANYTIME! (Like, once a month?!)