Wednesday, December 16, 2009

St. Nick Visits

As I'm sure you've noticed from years past, Louie likes to lay out what he got from St. Nick to take inventory. He is teaching this to his baby sister, as it is her first St. Nick's Day. She didn't receive candy, but got some tasty baby food along with some much needed socks!

Ben is pumped for a candy cane-shaped tube filled with Hershey's chocolate...bites, I guess. I don't know what Hershey calls their m&ms.

Lou is ready for school, and without knowing it does a great impression of the younger brother, Randy, from A Christmas Story.

Charlie realizes that he found the good stuff in his stocking--the Reese's Cups. From this moment on, he eats every cup he can get his hands on--almost an entire bag--and has a sore belly by the end of the day (Mommy did not realize that he was eating them all, or else she would have stopped him. Not so much because of the possible belly ache, but because Reese's Cups are a favorite of pretty much everyone in the family, not just Charlie!)

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