Friday, November 28, 2014

Turkey Bowl

This was the 19th anniversary of starting Thanksgiving Day at Madison Bowl. 

The boys were amped to see which one would get the grade school division trophy (Louie won); Mere refused to play; and Gracie and Maggie threw a few frames, but honestly thought "bowling" was going to this place where you sit in car video games pretending to play. Thank goodness they have discovered quarters yet! 

Norah was rocking out to Johnny Cash's "A Boy Named Sue" while wearing her Indian feathers. 

This was Aunt Jane's very first Turkey Bowl. Each year she's at home either cooking for the Roebels or the Grubers but this year she was able to watch both Thomas and Little Jimmy dominate the alley. Oh, and she got a picture with these three turkeys. 

We headed back to Mom and Dad's afterward for an evening filled with football, Thanksgiving favorites and an after-dinner Christmas dance party! Meredith and Evie stole the show with that!

And I got some cuddle time with sweet Hazel. So much to be grateful for :)

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