Wednesday, March 21, 2012

83 Degrees in March

 Today a record was broken that has been around since 1906; it got all the way up to 83 degrees today. It may be safe to say we won't see a big snow storm in the first part of twenty-twelve. We decided to take this opportunity to visit the zoo with two of our favorite people--Gracie and Maggie! (and Aunt Erin and Grandma!)

April is when the zoo does their Tunes and Blooms concert lineup, but there may not be any blooms left by then! Today was gorgeous with both sun and bursts of color from the flowers.

 They were bummed that the Tiger Canyon was closed, but were thrilled to see the rhino relaxing in the shade.

 The big and little manatees put on quite a show, but I couldn't catch it on my phone's camera.

 I had visions of Dudley's birthday trip to the zoo and these mini-Harrys releasing the snake.

 These folks behind them were not happy. I guided our group into the "wrong" entrance of the Jungle Trail and it impeded their crossing of the bridge. That, and me trying to get these guys all to stand together to take their picture with my camera. On my phone. Yes, I was one of those moms today.

There really is nothing better than a day spent at the zoo with cousins, is there? I loved that Meredith and Gracie held hands almost the whole day. Charlie even joined in the fun. I feel bad that Louie and Benny couldn't come, but I told them that with all this heat the animals smelled terribly! (It was true; sort of.)

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