Monday, December 12, 2011

St. Nicholas Visits

 It is a tradition in our house to put our letters to Santa in our stockings before we go to bed on December 5th and the next morning the letters are gone and in its place are treats left by St. Nick. It is assumed that St. Nick and Santa are buddies and he does us the favor of dropping the letters off at the North Pole.

 The kids found fruit, candy, and a Christmas activity book in their stockings. The boys also got baseball cards and Meredith had hair bows.

 I'm not sure why the boys wanted to stick their goodies right in front of their faces; maybe they weren't all that awake yet. One thing about St. Nick's Day is that there is no problem whatsoever getting the kids out of bed!

 I wish these pictures didn't have to be so washed out with the flash. It's such a nice morning, with the only light coming from the Christmas lights in the living room. One day we'll get a camera who has the ability to take non-shaky pictures sans flash.

 Later that night we had a special dinner--pancakes and strawberries! (Not going to the grocery entitles me to call whatever we have on hand "special" and then the kids get excited.)
 Charlie informing Daddy where to put the whipped cream.

Happy St. Nicholas Day! Christmas-fever has hit our house and we can only hope that Mom and Dad survive. Luckily, St. Nick left a letter informing the kids how "good" boys and girls act, especially during the Christmas season. Let's see if this works...

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