Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Decorations

The "Welcome" sign is kind of deceiving with the spooky images below it.

Louie was cracking me up with the humor in his Halloween decorations. Instead of a human crying out, "On no, ghost!" he had his ghost say, "Oh no, guest!" which he hung on the door where our guests entered.

Louie's candy corn fanged bat he made at school.

Another funny Louie drawing: The Rattlin' Bones (or, The Rattlen Boens). He hung this above the radio in the kitchen. He told us that the singer only had a skull because that's all he needed to do his job.

I took this today and was really impressed with how well the scotch tape held to the brick overnight. This was Benny's banner to warn visitors to stay away from this spooky house.

We had lot of bats (and cute bears dressed up like pumpkins) in our bat cave of a house.

Aunt Erin brought lots of spooky treats for our party. These ridiculously cute cookies taste even better than they look, too!

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