Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Birthday

My birthday was on the same day as my sister's bachelorette party and the best gift (two, in fact) was that I didn't have to worry about my kids for the day/evening. Kevin's parents generously took our boys to Columbus and my fabulous friend Stephanie came over and stayed with Meredith while the girls were out on the town.

On Sunday, Kevin's parents not only brought the boys back for us, but came with a wonderful dinner and cake that the boys helped make!

For some reason, Louie is attempting to be mad here (I can't remember why), but overall the three of them were very proud of their finished product, and I couldn't agree more!

Here, Benny "accidentally" put his fist into the icing. I love how kids do that. They're so quick to say "I'm sorry!" right afterward, but so excited to lick the icing right off. And don't doubt for one minute that the other two were having similar "accidents" as soon as they saw that Benny wasn't read the riot act for doing such a thing.

"Birthdays" may be the boys' favorite holiday. They don't care whose it is, just give them cake and candles and they're in heaven. Good thing we're all family because there is quite a bit o' spit on that cake.

Mere is just taking it all in with Grandpa. I imagine that soon enough she'll be mixing it up with her big brothers, but for now, she loves any and all of the attention she gets.

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